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Urodynamics testing is an assessment of how well the bladder stores and releases urine. Urodynamics is helpful in determining the right treatment for problems such as incontinence or leaking urine, frequent urination, or the feeling of not emptying the bladder completely.


During the test you will be seated while the bladder is filled with sterile water. While your bladder is filling you will be asked questions to assess when you begin to feel bladder fullness. You will also be asked to cough to evaluate any amount of leakage of urine and how the bladder muscle functions. You should come to the test with a full bladder. You may be asked to stop certain bladder medications prior to this testing.


Several of our physicians also offer surgery to correct certain causes of incontinence. Urodynamics is helpful in determining if surgery is right for you.


If you feel you have a bladder problem, talk to your practitioner to see if Urodynamics testing could help you.


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